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We have  proudly opened the doors of Andron Equipments With Machinery Rental Service located smartly in the heart of Dubai, a rapidly growing city in the Middle East.This young enterprise soon gained a reputation for supplying Rental Machines to a variety of trades, in industrial and construction equipments.The most successful companies came to Andron Equipments  for their equipments needs and supplies.We founded this company on the belief  that  "Expert service is based on the understanding of a customer's specialized needs”  which is the most important part of the job in supplying industry with equipments. Today, Andron Equipments Llc  is one of the reliable  Supplier/ Rental of construction equipment, Diesel Generator, Air compressor etc in United Arab Emirates.

The Gulf best Equipment supplier to the  Industries & very best Contractors.

Renting = an Intelligent Alternative


If you are looking to improve your business's bottom line, then rent an equipment from Andron Equipments.  We rent equipments of top brands to keep you economically viable and efficient. We strive to provide a current fleet of equipment to be sure you are receiving quality, well-maintained equipments. By renting from Andron equipments you instantly have all the advantages of using premium equipment with none of the responsibilities of ownership.


Top 12 Reasons for Renting:

  1. Control Expenses : Renting provides significant savings over buying, so you can improve your bottom line.

  2. Inventory Control : Andron Equipments can provide the extra equipment when you need it, so you keep your equipment inventory at minimum.

  3. The Right Equipment For The Job : Renting lets you fit the type and size of equipment to the job for economy and safety.

  4. Customer Care 24/7 : Day or night, you can reach Andron equipments.The dedicated customer care representatives will be able to access your account and resolve any problem quickly.

  5. Save On Storage/Warehousing :You can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for large equipment storage areas and buildings.

  6. Reduce Down Time : If equipment breaks down, we handle it efficiently soyour crew can keep working. Plus, you can say "goodbye" to repair costs.

  7. No Costly Repairs Or Up-Keep : We can take care of the maintenance on the equipment, so you won't need a repair shop, spare parts inventory,  mechanics, or extra staff to take care of inventory maintenance records.

  8. Save Disposal Costs : You won't need to spend the time and money  preparing, advertising, and selling used equipment.

  9. Cost Control : Renting lets you simplify your bidding and billing, so you have just one accountable cost - the rental.

  10. Equipment Tracking : The presence of continuous billing on rented  equipment keeps it top of mind and establishes personal accountability.

  11. Less Hassle With Licenses : Save time and gain peace of mind associated with equipment licensing and registration costs and paperwork.

  12. Conserve Capital : Rent the equipment you need and use your capital for other, potentially more profitable, ventures.  


How does Andron Equipments charge for equipment?

At Andron Equipments you only pay for the actual time you have any particular piece of equipment. Unlike ordinary rental companies who often charge in 1/2 day increments past 24 hours, But we prorate all charges to the actual duration of your rental. As an example; if your use goes past seven days then equipment rent charged at a "weekly" rate. We will prorate your charges to the actual duration of your rental period which can frequently result in a lower daily rental amount depending on the length of time, beyond a week. if your use goes past thirty days on equipment charged at a "Monthly" rate, far less than weekly rate.

Are there additional charges for Loss & Damage Waiver?

No at Andron Equipments "the price quoted" is the price you pay. There are never any hidden charges for Loss & Damage Waiver, Environmental fees, etc. We try to avoid these charges but in other rental shops you may be required to pay. In most cases, Andron Equipments policy of not charging for these "extras" will save you more than 15% off the total rental charge compared to other rental companies.


How long will it take to open an account?

How does right now sound? Most account applications are processed the very same day so you won't have to wait to get to work on your job.

How complicated are the invoices?

They're not. We pride ourselves on having simple, accurate and easy to understand invoices and statements. But the real beauty is that we're local. So if you ever should have a question about any invoice or charge we'll be able to answer your questions today - not next week.

What happens if the equipment should require field maintenance on the job site?
Our Technicians are some of the best in the field. But, even brand new equipment will sometimes require field maintenance. If it happens.then our maintenance crew is dispatched within minutes of notification to your job site. At Andron Equipments  99% of all downtime issues are resolved that very day. If it can't be repaired in the field we will exchange your equipment with a similar unit before you know it.

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