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Andron Series Air Compressor

New generation design of Air Compressor with more efficient partner Power 2.2 to 90KW; Flow rate 0.2 to 22 m³/min; Pressure 7.5 to 30 bar


Energy Saving Standard

Through improved specific power, air flow optimization and further refinement of the rotor, excellent energy efficiency is achieved. Maximize energy efficiency with a high-performance IE4 drive motor.

Andron 1:1 drive design eliminates the power loss associated with the original transmission and the gear or V-belt drive system. In addition, radial fans meet the efficiency requirements of the EU Directive 327/2011 for fans. But most importantly, the advanced compressor controller, through the use of a variety of specially developed control options, achieves additional energy savings and minimizes the cost of frequent downtime.

From the outside, the unique and striking design of these systems is complemented by the intelligent component layout inside for greater energy efficiency:
For example, all service and maintenance points are within reach and directly accessible from the front, which not only saves time and money, but also maximizes the availability of the compressed air system.

Intelligent Thermal Management System

The intelligent thermal management system will introduce the high-temperature circulating oil of the air compressor thermal water heater into the unit during operation, exchange it with water to heat up the water, and absorb the heat energy in the oil and gas to cool the air compressor, prevent the air compressor from skipping at high temperature, reduce the equipment failure rate, reduce maintenance, and ensure the safe supply of air compressor to industrial enterprises.

The intelligent thermal management system can help users obtain a large amount of hot water, save other heating energy, reduce enterprise operating costs, and respond to the word call for energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce air pollution.

Energy Saving Motor

This series of motors is a new generation of energy saving products advocated and recommended by the international market at present, and meet the high altitude, harsh environment, overload requirements of larger occasions, is the ideal supporting power air compression.

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